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Running…There’s An App For That

by admin on February 7, 2013

CharacaturewithURLI’ve been asked over and over…ok, so what’s the plan? Will you run with a group? With a partner? With your wife?

The answer so far is no, no, and NO! (My wife would run circles around me!) But I am ready to share the plan with you….at least the initial plan.

There are MANY great running apps that I’ve looked into. I’m a techie, so to start with, this seems to be the best way for me to start. There are some who are opposed to running with headphones because of the safety issues. I think as long as you’re careful, it’s ok. Plus, I’m doing it anyway!

Being a tech guy who loves his iPhone, iPad, and iPod, I am convinced that finding the right app will give me a good base. Of course, why settle on one when I can use two!

The first app is the Couch to 5K app by ZenLabs. There are a LOT of Couch to 5K apps out there. I like the simple interface with this one, the fact that I can listen to my own music, and the voice prompts it gives. They are simple: “Start walking”, “Start running”, etc. It also tells you the halfway mark, which is great since right now I’m following routes that are out and back. Nice to know when to turn around without looking. The prompts are clear and it fades my music in and out.

The second app is Runtastic Pro. I run it right along with Couch to 5K. It uses my phone’s GPS to track my route, my speed, and my distance. By registering for a free account at www.runtastic.com, I am able to see my progress in a number of charts and graphs. It also interfaces with a heart rate monitor, but I have not done that yet. This app also gives me different voice prompts and times when I hit my mile marks. I do like the feedback as I’m going.

Using these two apps, I am confident that I will be able to successfully train for the 5K in April. If you are looking for a good app (these are available for other platforms, but I’m using the iOS version), I highly recommend these two. Happy running!


Docrunsdisney visits donald duckSo, one month into my very public commitment to run a runDisney race, much has been accomplished. I have designed this website and continue to publicize it (Tell your friends!). I’ve had many people contact me with encouragement, help with designing a training plan, and even lots of people inspired to join me in training and running the race.

Most importantly, I paid a visit to Disney World last month. I have been many times before but this visit was specifically for recon. While I was there, I found a fortune teller to make sure my plan is sound. Yep…that’s me with Donald Duck! We agreed on one thing….if I was going to meet my goal, I needed to stop planning and START RUNNING!

Stage 1 of my goal will be to run a 5K. Most likely that race will be the Run for the Rose here in Houston. It is a great race that is run in memory of Dr. Marnee Rose who passed away of a brain tumor. In the ten years of the race, the Dr. Marnee Rose Foundation has donated over $3 million to brain cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and pediatric initiatives at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

So the prep has to end now…after all only 10 weeks to race day!

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